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Boutique Nirvana offers numerous gorgeous sterling silver jewellery collections. Both contemporary and ethnic, discover creations that will transport you to faraway places. Drawing from the inspiration of the Hindu universe, you will find different collections of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with unique and delicate features. All of our creations demonstrate the creative craft of Asia. A strong spiritual and ancestral symbolism is tied to all the different collections of sterling silver jewellery that we offer. Each item was carefully chosen for it’s spiritual essence of the jewel. Sterling silver represents the quintessence of every woman:  the symbol of purity, transparency and psyche.

The collection of gemstones in each ring, bracelet, earring and pendant from Boutique Nirvana is beautiful and delicate. Each gemstone was chosen for its symbolism in cohesion with it’s jewellery design. In order to please everyone, we also offer a wide range of jewellery for men and children. Our shops purpose is to make you and your loved ones happy! 

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