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Fine or chiseled, our 925 silver ankle chains will match all your outfits. They will add a hippie chic touch, a touch of originality from elsewhere. Stemming from the oldest traditions of Rajasthan, our handcrafted anklets are handcrafted, with great ancestral know-how and a love of a job well done. Our anklets are decorated with spirals, stars or other designs. Some are decorated with the eye of St. Lucia or the eye of Shiva both lucky charms or many symbols such as the tree of life which evokes the vital force, the Om and many others. The craftsmen solicited work in varied and distant countries: from Rajasthan, Thailand or practicing their art in Bali. The Anklet in sterling silver 925 can be worn with or without pendants, or sometimes with bells. One of the models we offer will easily adapt to your ankle thanks to its adjustable cord. Our anklets with spiritual motifs are adorned with symbols from the oldest traditions such as the tree of life, the Om, the Triskelion, the happy Buddha, the lotus, the hand of fatma, peace and love, the turtle etc. Like talismans, they will give you the strength to overcome difficult times. Our Indian ankle chains are sometimes equipped with bells that will leave a gentle tinkle in the wake of your steps. These ethnic anklets have a little oriental air, they bring with them the breath and the echo of travel and will make you want to explore different horizons. By wearing them you will inevitably have an air of vacation.

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