Our history

Boutique Nirvana's adventure began 25 years ago during tourist trips in Southeast Asia and the Middle East: I discovered India and Nepal as well as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia. (Sumatra, Sulawesi, Borneo, Bali, Ambon, Irian Jaya ....).

During these trips, I fell in love with these countries and the incredible diversity of their crafts.

Having always been attracted by ethnic jewelry, I was especially fascinated by the know-how of craftsmen working with silver and stone, then over time it was only natural that this led to a professional project.

So I decided to work with India, Indonesia and Thailand, not being able to do without my travels in these countries. For several years, I sold my jewelry in the markets: summer in Nice during the summer season in Nice and winter in the West Indies.

So it was only natural that in 1998, I decided to create "Boutique Nirvana" in Old Nice, which has since become an essential address for local customers.

Because I wanted to best meet the needs of my clients from all over France and abroad, I decided to launch the online site www.boutiquenirvana.com

Every year I therefore continue to buy jewelry as I travel to these extraordinary countries.

Over the years, I have remained loyal to families of small artisans with whom I have forged close bonds of respect and trust; whose quality of work and humanity I appreciate.

Our relationship is win / win, artisans see their work rewarded and valued with the fairest possible purchase price; in return, I ask them to take special care in the manufacture of the jewelry that I offer at Boutique Nirvana. And in the end, the customer benefits from the fairest price possible without having to bear the heavy margins of intermediary sellers.

Recently, I have also had the privilege of working with cooperatives of Tuareg craftsmen from Niger who have ancestral know-how.

Each piece of jewelry is chosen by me and each piece is unique and made on site by a small craftsman perpetuating the tradition and aesthetics of its country of origin.

I hope you will be delighted with my jewelry; I intend to make it a living site by regularly offering you many new features.

It is the warmth of these countries that I want to convey to you through this site ... by trying to make you travel thanks to the beauty of these accessories and these solid silver jewelry.

Thank you all for allowing Boutique Nirvana to exist and continue to exist.

Isabelle and my wonderful Boutique Nirvana team

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