Beautiful Jewellery and Accessories for the Mind, Body and Soul

We offer a vast selection of sterling silver jewellery, including rings, pendants, earrings, ankle chains and bracelets. Our gorgeous products are either simple sterling silver, or are set with natural stones such as Moonstone, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and many more! Our wide variety of jewellery and accessories are all unique and ethnically inspired designs. We hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces, and that they bring joy to your mind, body, and soul.

Silver and Stone Spiral Earrings

Boucles d'oreilles argent filigrane et pierre

Vintage Natural Stone Drop Earrings


Elegant Silver Bracelet with Natural Stones

€42.00 -€7.00 €35.00
  • On sale!

Silver Chain Bracelet with Oval Stones

€45.00 -€6.00 €39.00
  • On sale!

Silver Bracelet with Spirals and Stones

€45.00 -€6.00 €39.00
  • On sale!

Authentic Silver Tuareg Cross

Boucles d'oreilles Touareg en argent et ébène Boucles d'oreilles Touareg en argent et ébène

Authentic Silver and Ebony Tuareg Earrings

€79.00 -€10.00 €69.00
  • On sale!

Silver Bola Cage with Coloured Ball

€79.00 -€10.00 €69.00
  • Reduced price

Indian Silver Bola Pendant

€59.00 -€9.00 €50.00
  • Reduced price

Adrika Bola Pendant


Indonesian Silver and Gemstone Adjustable Ring

€49.00 -€24.00 €25.00
  • On sale!
Bague argent ouvragée pierres Bague argent ouvragée pierres

Hand Carved Silver and Stone Ring

€49.00 -€14.00 €35.00
  • Reduced price

Sterling Silver and Oval Stone Ring


Bags and accessories

Summer clothes - Tortue de mer

A wide selection of Malas

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