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Among its beautiful range of timeless 925 silver jewelry, Boutique Nirvana offers a very wide choice of silver pendants of all sizes and styles. We hope that you will find the jewel that suits you among our collection of ethnic, spiritual or more classic pendants at reasonable prices, accessible to all budgets. Our pendants are always in guaranteed silver, either delicately worked or set with fine stones; other models represent symbolic motifs such as dream catchers or jagged trees of life ... Marine materials such as mother-of-pearl, abalone, gorgon (coral), and the eye of Saint Lucia also called eye of Shiva you open up very feminine horizons. We are developing a real palette of ethnic silver pendants: Indians, Indonesians, Thais and Tuaregs. Often worn on a chain, a black cord (which is offered to you), or as charms on a bracelet, pendants have a very specific meaning for the wearer: man, woman or child. The triskel pendant is one of the spiritual silver pendants. It is considered a symbol of the trinity and union. The happy Buddha pendant symbolizes fortune but also helps calm and promotes concentration. The lotus flower pendant is the symbol of the spiritual fulfillment of the being. For a hippie chic style, Indian silver pendants, often adorned with feathers or gemstones, hang just as well on a choker as on a long chain. The syllable Om, for example, is also very important in Hinduism. This pendant represents the absolute and the infinite. It symbolizes the source of creation. The range of Indian pendants in natural stones is worked by hand in our workshops in Rajasthan, each stone is selected by us. The stones have kept their authentic appearance: their brilliance, their light and their veins show through simple polishing. The oval cabochons are set in the mass and surrounded by a pattern of finesse. As for the property of the stones, amethyst is associated with serenity and balance, carnelian can make you more happy, enduring and solid, labradorite is known for its shielding effect against negative energies, lapis lazuli can promote intuition. Malachite is believed to work by warming the heart and black onyx can provide great stability. Moonstone is known to stimulate feminine principles. Authentic Tuareg jewelry from Niger delivers all the magnetism and mystery of their ancestral symbols. Whether they are available in simple refined discs or worked with an inclusion of stones, the hand-forged solid silver transmits elegance, strength and originality to these jewels each time.

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