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Give a colorful, exotic and zen style to your interior decoration: chakra wall hangings, spiritual quotes. Ganesh statues, dream catchers,… Boutique Nirvana dresses your home sweet home with our collection of gipsy garlands available in a wide choice of colors. Our wide choice of dream catchers are to hang in your home, to decorate it, but also to share these beautiful Native American legends. Our Ganesh or Ganesha statues are delicately hand painted by Indian craftsmen, Ganesh is one of the most commonly worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon, Ganesh symbolizes protection. Boutique Nirvana invites you to discover the charm and authenticity of Indonesian and Indian craftsmanship. Through each decorative object, carefully selected on site in an ethical and fair concern, you will appreciate the know-how of these craftsmen perpetuating ancestral know-how.

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