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Wearing original and handcrafted jewellery is an original way to accentuate your spirituality.

Boutique Nirvana offers handcrafted jewellery from different countries where spirituality is highly regarded. Our ethnic costume jewellery designs from Indonesia and India are a delight to wear. Our Indian adorned necklaces of different colours will amaze you with their variety of models and spiritual healing. For example, rudraksha malas necklaces and beads are made to enhance relaxation and protect your mystical aura. If you prefer lighter colors, the malas necklaces reconstituted stone in all white are perfect to pair with any outfit.

Our Buddhist jewellery offers exceptional and unique styles.

In our online store, we also invite you to come enjoy many more spiritual designs. The Buddha necklaces, crystal mala mala, happy sitting Buddha, and the many variety of pearls are all mesmerizing collections made to enhance life’s mystique. All of our jewellery is handmade and from India or Bali where spirituality is heavily cultivated. Adorned with a thousand colours, they will brighten your mind and mood.  Our wooden collection is all handmade and worn beautifully by those who value nature. Wear jewellery that is as captivating and original as you, your body, and your karma.

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