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Boutique Nirvana presents its collection of 925 silver bracelets, these high quality bracelets are available in a wide choice of sometimes surprising models, from the most contemporary to the most ethnic. You will find silver bracelets for all tastes and styles: bracelets in smooth silver, braided silver, hammered silver, sometimes chiseled, cuff bracelets, silver mesh bracelets, elastic silver bead bracelets, flexible bracelets, bangles, adjustable bracelets, bracelets set with natural stones, cord bracelets and finally ethnic bracelets. The Tuareg ethnic bracelets are absolutely divine, real bridges between tradition and the urban, Saharan Africa and France they are made according to ancestral techniques. Also discover our collection of Rajasthani silver bracelets set with natural stones all possessing energetic properties; iolite, garnet, labradorite, carnelian turquoise and many more. These bracelets will enchant you with their delicacy and the finesse of their finish, all handmade, they will put a touch of elegant refinement in all your outfits. Some of our bracelets are mixed; they can be worn by a woman as well as by a man and we also have some very nice models for children. The silver bracelet is an elegant piece of jewelry that will enhance your wrist, for all budgets it will undoubtedly appeal to the greatest number of you. All our bracelets are handcrafted in solid silver in the tradition of the country of origin, each piece is unique.

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