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Properties of the Natural Stones:


Abalone: Insurance

The abalone shell helps to decrease depression, treat a lack of confidence and disappointment. It amplifies the vigilant relationship with oneself and others.


White Agate: Emotional, Physical and Intellectual

Agate is a soothing stone which stabilizes the aura. It harmonizes the yin and yang, calming unexplained anxieties. It promotes inner contemplation, calm, peace, security, kindness, sincerity, tolerance and indulgence.  It rids us of panic and stress. It is also known as the “stone of pregnancy” because it brings softness, trust and rest for infants and young children.


Green Agate: Self-Acceptance

It increases mental and emotional flexibility to improve decision making as well as resolve conflicts. It promotes concentration, sensitivity and analytical capabilities to find practical solutions.


10 minutes


Amethyst: Wisdom and Humility

This stone symbolizes sincerity and spirituality. The jewel of Amethyst clears the haze of negativities and highlights the positives. This stone stimulates imagination, creativity, clarity of mind and serenity. It dissipates fear and anxiety as well as alleviates sadness and grief. It’s cleansing and protective powers are charged by the new moon and drives out all witchcraft and black magic. Amethyst helps us find our way when we feel lost.


Aventurine: Personal Balance

This stone promotes relaxation. It soothes our anger and promotes more tolerance. Aventurine is a helping stone that encourages us to open up and trust others. The stone that attracts luck and prosperity, this stone is known to be the protectant of travelers.


Red Coral: Vital Force

This stone harnesses all cosmic energies and develops our inner magnetism. Red Coral provides its possessor a long life and an ardent heart.  An elixir that soothes Poseidon’s storms and our own inner-storms we create within us.



Blue Coral:



Chalcedony (Blue Agate): Love, Communication and Relationships

This stone strengthens relationships and partnerships by bringing harmony in fields of business and private life.  A great charm to enhance speaking performance, especially if the throat chakra feels stuck.  It calms, soothes and boosts vernacular.  It frees us of stuttering and anger.  Recommended for children because it improves language learning and calms their hyperactive nature.



Carnelian: Vitality and Motivation

Carnelian drives away the fear of death by enhancing our acceptance of the cycle of life. It dispels apathy and gives courage. Carnelian promotes resolution and dissolves superfluous thoughts.  It soothes anger and negative emotions by replacing them with love of life. This is a great stone to help concentration and focus.



Rock Crystal: Boosts Energy

This jewel is both a receiver, a transmitter and an amplifier.  It propagates a pure and powerful energy.  Useful to rid daily worries whether material or spiritual.  It brings energy, clarity of mind and rids negative energies. The stone develops inner strength and purifies the mind. This active stone helps us to solve problems and strengthens the energy of other stones.



Garnet: Recharge Vital Energy

This stone has vitality that promites sexual energy, perserverance, courage, and virtility.  This energetic stone, a symbol of faith and truth, removes inhibitions and opens our heart for more self-confidence. This is a great enhancer for the passive but not recommended for the hyperactive.



Hematite: Positivity

This stone harmonizes the mind, body and spirit by stimulating concentration and memory.  IT leads our mental attention to basic needs of survival.  The properties of hematite prevent negative energy from entering the aura and restoring peace and harmony of the body.  This stone helps us to relax and listen.  It soothes and purifies and helps us to muster courage.  Great for initiating meditation and when times are tough by focusing our attention to the greater things in life.


Jade: Balance, Honesty and Justice

This stone evokes perfection, power and honesty and justice.  It allows us to find an inner balance between spirituality and materialism with stability and harmony. Physically, this stone resonates with the kidneys.  Jade helps us rest easy and interpret our dreams better when placed under the pillow.  Everyone can benefit from wearing Jade occasionally, especially in today’s world where equilibrium is sometimes difficult to attain.







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