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The NIRVANA store is a real niche of accessories, decorative objects and jewelry. What catches more attention at the NIRVANA store, however, are the silver bolas jewelry for pregnant women. Indeed, the bola is an ethnic jewel used by Mexicans and Balinese since ancient times. Indeed, the beauty and the notoriety of this jewel transcend the fashion effects which are inscribed in time. Because according to history, the angel's bell creates an emotional bond between a mother and the child she is carrying. Hence the fact that it is considered a little sounding board. This magic ball is made up of strips that emit soft sounds that are pleasant to hear. Indeed, NIRVANA offers maternity bolas necklaces. And, pregnancy bolas are beautiful jewelry made for expectant mothers. These necklaces are also made to add a touch of beauty to a woman's allure throughout her pregnancy months. However, handcrafted silver bolas can also adorn the necks of women who are not pregnant to summon their guardian angel. So she can use it outside of her pregnancy as a lucky charm. The original silver bolas are unforgettable gifts that can be left to children as keepsakes. In addition, the tradition of bolas has its origins in Indonesia. This is why NIRVANA offers all models of Indonesian pregnancy bolas. Made by talented artisans, NIRVANA also offers ethnic silver bolas.

Bolas for pregnant women are very popular jewelry in Mexico and other countries. Indeed, according to Indonesian tradition, these jewels emit soothing and pleasant sounds for future babies. This is why NIRVANA offers you inexpensive pregnancy bolas. Come and choose a quality Harmony Ball at NIRVANA.

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