The scarf, my essential accessory

The scarf, my essential accessory

The dupatta is the name given to the Indian scarf. It is part of the majority of traditional outfits worn on the continent. We 'took it back' and made it into a 'fashion' asset that we now use with ease, every day, summer and winter.

It is truly a precious accessory, whether in cotton, viscose, silk or wool ... simple strip of fabric or delicate pashmina. Its shape, patterns and material add a touch of color, fluidity and allure to our outfits, day or evening. Depending on how we wear it, it gives us elegance or relaxation.

We agree, it has become an essential beauty ally, but not only  that ...

I never leave without one on a trip. I always have it to hand ... around my neck or on my head. Let's make a small list of its multiple uses:

A scarf takes up little space in your luggage, washes easily and dries very quickly.

It protects against sun, wind, cold, dust, light rain or blowing sand. Moreover, this is its primary function as a cheche traditionally worn on the head by the Men of the desert. Boutique Nirvana offers a range of scarves in 24 colors!

In places of worship, it covers bare shoulders, allows you to stay decent and shows your respect for local customs and traditions. One then rediscovers the original meaning it has in Indian culture, that of a sign of modesty.

It will serve as a cushion or pillow and will make your bus or train trip more comfortable.

You can also sit on it to protect your clothing.

It can even serve as a sarong or makeshift beach towel in the event of an unexpected swim.

It can be used to wrap fragile items and can even be used as a small bundle on occasion.

If you have a baby or toddler and if you are skilled enough, it can be used as a baby wrap. In any case, it is an effective screen against light and wind. And why not use it for protection when changing the baby ?

And I'm sure the list is far from complete. Your proposals are welcome ...

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