The chakras

The Chakras

We know this word well, it has even passed into everyday language, but what does it mean more precisely? This Hindi word means "wheel" and is also pronounced tchakra

Short summary of the situation:

According to the Hindu religion, the body contains 7 different subtle energy points that impact our life. They can be open, closed, blocked, aligned, in balance or not and influence our physical, psychic and emotional condition. They act as a filter and will widen or narrow our scope of perceptions of the world. They will “speak” through physical dysfunctions or solid harmonies.

They are arranged along the central energetic channel, from the bottom to the top of the spine.

The 1st is the root chakra, which corresponds to the element earth and its colour is red. It is located at the level of the perineum. It is linked to security, to survival; it is anchored in the present and concerns what is here and now. It is the chakra of our immediate and tangible environment. It helps to have both feet firmly on the ground.

The 2nd is the sacral chakra, which is orange in color; its element is air. It talks about sexuality, creativity, fertile energy, pleasure and passions. It is this one  that  allows  one to materialize his/ her life as desired.

The 3rd is the solar plexus chakra. Symbolized by yellow, it is fire. He talks about personal power to take action, willpower, self-esteem, reason and  organization.

The 4th is that of the heart, located at the level of the chest, connected to the air; its color is green. It is the chakra of compassion, of union for love (loving yourself and others); it is also the one that  embodies the love of nature

The 5th is the point of the throat, or the neck. Blue in color, it is ether. It allows you to be honest, to tell the truth. It isthis one, through the impact of the words we use, that helps change the lives of others. It  also speaks of wisdom and logic.

The 6th is the most famous, it is the third eye located in the middle of the forehead, between the two eyebrows. It is indigo and allows you to see things and reality as they really are, far from social illusions. It is also the chakra of intuition.

As for the 7th and last, the most complicated to open is the crown chakra; it is purple in color and located at the top of the head; it allows one to disconnect from the physical material world and to connect to infinity, the hereafter and the higher worlds. It is linked to the notion of enlightenment.

To recap, these are the 7 points that you find in many jewelry including the chakra bracelets and chakra pendants where 7 pearls of fine stones one after the other ; these stones can help us align the 7 main energy points of our body and the fundamental actions of our lives.

  1. Root chakra -red- red jasper or ruby -earth- survival – « I have »
  2. Sacral chakra - orange- air- pleasure -  Stones: carnelian, onyx or tiger's eye- « I feel » 
  3. Solar plexus chakra- yellow- fire- will-  Stones: amber, citrine or topaz - « I do » 
  4. Heart chakra - green - - air - love  . Stones: rose quartz, emerald or malachite. « I love »
  5. Throat chakra- blue-ether -expression. Stones: blue agate, turquoise, aquamarine or celestite. « I speak »
  6. Third eye -indigo- intuition. Stone: lapis lazzuli, tanzanite or sapphire. « I see » 
  7. Crown- purple -Spirituality. Stone: amethyst. « I understand » 

These chakras are represented on bracelets, but also on silver and gemstone pendants which are available on the Boutique Nirvana website, as well as fabric wall decorations.

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